Application Terms

Clause 23- The Application Folder which will be taken into consideration regarding the selection of the Artists for the Workshop is comprised of the below clauses:

1• The application form is to be filled in detail, which can be found at

2• A Curriculum Vitae, not exceeding one A4 sized paper, in English or Turkish, with a photo which includes similar activities which the Artist has attended.

3• A visual document that demonstrates 6 of the works that the Artist executed (photos must have a resolution of 72 dpi).

4• a) Presentation of the Artist’s planned artwork’s visual from different angles, dressed on the surface of the application.

4• b) Presentation of the artwork in a 4x zoom detail from 3 different angles.

5• A detailed inventory of the materials to be used and the application method.

6• The duration of application of the Artist’s project.

7• A brief explanation of the artwork in English or Turkish if the Artist finds it necessary.

8• The application folder, only in PDF format, comprised of the documents mentioned above that does not exceed 1.5 MB, should be submitted to the e-mail address stated below no later than July 2, 2018, 17:00. Only the applications made via e-mail will be accepted. Inadequate applications will not be taken into consideration.

Application address:


Name Surname: