Clause 1- “2nd International İzmir Mural Art Workshop”, organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, will be realized between the dates of 01- 30 October 2019 in Alsancak – Konak, in the city of İzmir.


Clause 2- Herein, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will be referred to as the “Administration”, and the participant as the “Artist”.


Clause 3- No theme is defined for the Workshop. It is recommended that the designs should be made by taking the overall meaning of the place where the mural will be applied into consideration.


Clause 4- The application periods of the Artists is scheduled to be between dates of 01- 30 October 2019.


Clause 5- The surfaces where the murals will be applied to consist of 4 different application areas in the districts of Alsancak and Konak of the city of İzmir. The Artists can access information about the project areas at www.workshopizmir.org. Artists can submit a maximum of 2 projects per each area.

Clause 6- The Artists should identify the duration of the application period they plan, depending on the designs and the surface, in their application forms.

Clause 7 – The designs to be sent by the applicants should not have been applied anywhere else before, should be authentic and be such as to be exhibited in public spaces of the city of İzmir.

Clause 8- The Artists to be chosen for the Workshop will be determined by a jury that the Administration will compose based on their application files.  A total of 4 Artists will be chosen. If the Jury deems it necessary, the number of participants may be less or more than 4.

Clause 9- The Artists should indicate, precisely, all the materials such as paint, primer, protective materials, the skeleton system etc, and the equipments they require in their application forms. The Administration is not responsible of the materials and technical services that are not listed on the application form.

Clause 10- The workshop will be executed outdoors. The Artists must be prepared for seasonal weather conditions such as cloudbursts and heat. The working hours will be determined by the situation of the traffic and environmental factors and will be shared with the Artists. The Artist is responsible of being present in the work area during work hours and complying with the work program. Exceptional circumstances will be evaluated by the Administration.

Clause 11- The expenses of transportation, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as accommodation of the Artists participating in the Workshop will be covered by the Administration. Transportation includes economy class round-trip flight tickets and airport transfers for all the Artists.

Clause 12- The Artists will be staying at a 4 star hotel, in single rooms.

Clause 13- Participants are responsible for their companions’ hospitality expenses, including transportation, accommodation and food costs. 

Clause 14- The Artists are obliged to make their accident insurances.

Clause 15- The €5,000 payment to be made to the selected Artist will be made in two parts by the contractor who will undertake the organizational service work of the Workshop. A contract between the contractor and the Artist will be signed in the presence of the notary public, which covers the payment and the conditions of payment in English. The contractor will make a partial advance payment of € 2,000 to the Artists within 3 days after they start their work; and the remaining amount of € 3,000 will be paid on the last working day of the Workshop to those who deliver their work. If the work is not completed, the Artist should pay back the advance payment of € 2,000 to the contractor.

Clause 16- If for any reason the work cannot be completed within the time period specified by the Artist on the application form, the decision taken by the Administration will be performed. The administration will be responsible for all the rights of the uncompleted art work.

Clause 17- The participation of the Artists who inform their failure to attend and those who are not present at the workshop without any excuse within 2 days of their working period will be canceled.

Clause 18- The information and the documents in the application folders shall be used in the press release and catalogues and similar publications that will be published afterwards. The Administration shall have the rights of reproduction; copyrights, temporary or permanent exhibitions, making slides, having photographs, publishing into books or catalogues, dissemination to the public and publicity.

Clause 19- All Artists who submit their projects are deemed to have accepted the workshop program. 

Clause 20– Visiting groups such as students, youngsters, cyclist, elderly and people with disabilities will be systematically brought to the working area. Willing Artists can realize an art workshop with the children of İzmir, in scope of a 2 hours program within 1 working day. It is recommended for the Artists to bring working documents and documents comprising cultural and artistic values or visuals of the structures of their city/country in order to share with the audience and the arts community in İzmir.

Clause 21­- Artists who demand and accept to participate in the workshop are deemed to have accepted the “Artist’s Specifications”.

Clause 22- The Administration is free to execute or non-execute or chance the dates of the Workshop should it deem  neccessary.